Say Goodbye To Weight Loss Through Ayurveda

The Ayurvedic medicine , better known as the "science of life" indicates that the reasons of overweight , obesity and various disorders and diseases, are due to eat foods that are not in harmony with our body.

Therefore, this branch of medicine states that patients who suffer from obesity must learn to eat properly, to eat according to the way their body works. Ingesting products, according to the characteristics of our metabolism, will allow you to be a healthy and thin person.

The problem is not that people eat too much or too less, but the selection of food that goes through a matter of choosing the types of food with which they eat. There are a number of foods that are directly related to certain body types. By not being able to make the two things coincide harmonically, is the root of the problem.

Body types

In Ayurveda three types of doshas (body morphology) are considered: vata, pitta and kapha. In this sense, if people consume food with respect to their body type, there would be no need to worry about overweight and / or obesity.

Vata Profile

1. Lightweight, slim physique
2. Make your activities with speed
3. Irregular appetite and digestion
4. Mild and interrupted sleep, insomnia
5. Enthusiasm, vivacity and imagination
6. Readiness to capture new information, also to forget it
7. Tendency to worry
8. Tendency to constipation

The basic theme of the Vata type is variability. Vata people are unpredictable and less stereotyped than Pittas or Kaphas.

Pitta Characteristics

1. Medium complexion
2. Entrepreneurial temperament, likes challenges
3. Hungry and thirsty potent, good digestion
4. Blonde, light brown or red hair (or with reddish highlights)
5. Tendency towards anger: irritability with stress
6. Aversion to sun and heat
7. Clear or ruddy skin, often freckled

Profile Kapha

1. Solid and powerful build; great physical strength and endurance
2. Calm and relaxed personality; slow to get angry
3. Fresh, soft and thick skin; pale and often fat
4. Heavy and prolonged sleep
5. Obesity tendency
6. Slow digestion , slight appetite
7. Affectionate, tolerant, prone to forgive
8. Tendency to be possessive and complacent

Types of doshas 

Discover what to eat and avoid, being in harmony with your body, improve your quality of life and being in shape:

Vata: The Ayurveda recommends that people of Vata (air) and type must consume more cooked vegetables, you avoid fried, spicy foods and raw fruits

Pitta: They are the people of fire and those who have a body with these characteristics should stay away from acidic foods, excessively spicy and fried foods

Kapha: The characteristics of kapha (water and earth) force these people not to consume, above all, the ubiquitous fried foods

These are some general concepts, but the diet should be designed specifically for the patient in question.

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