10 Amazing Health Benefits & Uses Of Medicinal Plant Patharchatta

Bryophyllum pinnatum is commonly known as the “Leaf of Life” and also as Kalanchoe Pinnata or Patharchatta plant in Hindi. It is green leafy and fleshy herbaceous plant which is plant is native to Madagascar. 

It is commonly kept as a houseplant and is found in most part of the world. Beside as a house plant it is popularly known for its medicinal properties throughout the world. 

Due to its multiple uses in various ailments it is also rewarded as a name "Miracle Leaf".

Even thou plant is not a native to India; it has long history of utilizing Bryophyllum pinnatum or so called Patharchatta. Since ancient times the plant has been used in folk medicines in Indian traditional systems of medicine like Ayurveda, Unani and Homoeopathy.

Plant Distribution

Patharchatta plant (Bryophyllum pinnatum) is native to Madagascar, but plants are found in most part of the world with the countries like New Zealand, West Indies, Macaroneia,   Mascarenes, Australia, Galapagos, Polynesia, Hawaii, etc.  

In is also is found in Nepal, Pakistan, Brazil, Egypt, Myanmar, Thailand, Africa. Patharchatta plants are found in most regions of India but in Kashmir, Himalayas and Khasi Hills the region of Assam; they are found in a large amount. 

These days these plants are cultivated in parts on Indian states such as Karnataka, Andhra, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, etc.

Plant Description

Plant: It is small, upstanding, succulent perennial herb that grows about 1f- 2f in height.

Leaves: The leaves of this plant are about 5-25 cm long and 2-12cm wide, with simple leaves in lower parts but upper parts have complex joint leaves. It has 6-7 leaves in opposite pattern with a stalk (petioles) about 2-10 cm long. 

The leaves have an ovate or just oval shape and circled tips (obtuse apices).  The end leaflet is notably larger than the others. The new plants are formed from leaves when it is detached from the plant.

Flower: The flowers of this plant bloom at the top of its stem in branched clusters, with greenish-yellow to pinkish-red in color. It has drooping, tube-shaped flowers that are about 7 cm long and form cymose panicle. 

The stalks are about 10 to 25 mm long size and are partially merged into a calyx tube that supports the four lobes of the petal. The flower blooms in winter and spring.

Fruit: The Fruits are papery with a membrane-forming look, with four slender carpels that contain the seeds. The seeds of the fruits are small, oblong-ellipsoid, which is less than one mm in size, which remains enclosed within the old flowers. 


• Bryophyllum calycinum Salisb.
• Crassula pinnata.
• Cotyledon pinnata Lam.
• Sedum madagascaricum
• Kalanchoe pinnata

Health benefits and uses of Bryophyllum plant (Patharchatta plant)

Bryophyllum plant leaves are used for various ailments treatment such as a problems related to skin, to keep blood sugar level under, to control inflammation, for proper blood circulation. 

Other medicinal properties attributed to Bryophyllum include its ability to fight microbes, fungi, allergy, tumors, ulcers, bacteria, viruses and insects. It is also regarded as a natural sedative.

Bryophyllum Pinnatum Research

The study performed by the department of pharmacology, University of KwaZulu- Natal, Durban. They have stated that an aqueous extract of Bryophyllum leaf can act as a pain-killer, it have antinociceptive properties that can help to reduces sensitivity of pain. 

Beside this it have anti-inflammatory properties that can help to reduces inflammation. It also has hypoglycemic properties that can help to brings down high blood sugar levels. Below is some more research result that proves the importance of plant for different ailments.

Patharchatta plant Ayurvedic Uses

• Haemorrhoids.
• Renalaand vesical calculi.
• Diabetes.
• Venereal diseases.
• Dysuria.
• Alleviates burning sensation.
• Heals urinary calculi.
• Allays thirst.
• Cures polyuria.

Part Used

• Roots
• Leaves
• Stem


• Decoction
• Juice
• Crushed leaves

How to Make Leaf Decoction of Bryophyllum (Patharchatta plant)

The recipe is quite easy, simple and can be made quickly.

• Take one cup of water in vessel, boil it then add 3 leaves of Patharchatta leaves in it, let it to simmer for 3 minutes.

• Now remove a vessel from heat, allow settling for about 2 to 3 minutes.

• Now remove the leaves from the tea and pour into a cup, you can add 1 to 2 teaspoons of organic honey for taste.

Uses and Benefits of Bryophyllum Pinnatum

There are many health benefits of Bryophyllum pinnatum and is helpful to cure many ailments. It can be used in many ways such as by using decoction of the leaves, dried powder of the leaves or by making the paste of the leaves.

1. Kidney Stones: It is a plant that is most popularly used to remove kidney stones, have a decoction made of fresh leaves twice a day. For quick result you may also add 500 mg of Shilajit with the decoction and some honey to improve the taste.

2. It Cure Leucorrhoea Naturally: This plant is a boon for women suffering from leucorrhoea ailment, have a decoction made of fresh leaves twice a day. This will help to retard the flow of blood within the blood vessels.

3. It Cure Piles: Drink the extract made of fresh leaves twice a day; you will fine effective results in piles cure.

4. It Boost Liver Function: Bryophyllum pinnatum have an anti-oxidant property that promotes the health of the liver, it is a useful remedy to cure jaundice.

5. Colds and Coughs: It is a plant that has properties like methotrexate/ azathioprine that boost immunity system and defends from common cold and coughs. Consuming juice of the leaves along with sugar candy or honey can be helpful.

6. It Relieves Stomach Ache: Patharchatta plant have analgesic properties, which can help relieve stomach ache or stomach pain, one can consume the decoction of the leaves.

7. It Removes Worm: Bryophyllum pinnatum plant has Anthelmintic properties that can be helpful in removing worms in the intestine effectively. Consume decoction of the leaves twice a day with honey.

8. It Heals wound: The plant has Anti–inflammatory properties that help to heal the wound fast and it also prevents scar formation. Using for it is simple simply tie the poultice of the leaves around the wound.

9. Diuretic Action: This plant has Diuretic properties that can help to cure urinary disorders. Take decoction made of the juice of the Bryophyllum pinnatum leaf; consume about 40-60 ml of it every day in the morning and evening.

10. It Purifies Blood: This plant has an anti-aggregate property that helps to purify the blood. It helps to removes all the toxins form the body as well as blood and helps improve your health.

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