Ayurvedic Medicine For White Hair

Usually causes of white hair due to the lack of peace of mind and taking unnecessary strain on everything. White hair also means that, due to mourn for anything, depression, most of the workday with more pressure, with plenty of cargo and other causes hair to white.

When we have effective treatment hair, helping to make your hair white to black hair with the help of natural herbs and all, why did you opt for the white hair treatment doctor?                                

Here are some alternative treatments for ayurvedic natural white hair and in various ways, we will choose the treatment that would like to try and let us know your opinion after use.

1. White hair treatment with sesame seed oil

Collect the ashes of the fire of goat horns and add this ash to the sesame seed oil. Now apply this mixture to your hair regularly can make your hair black hair white very soon. This is a traditional white hair for hair treatment for black.

2. White hair treatment with bhringaraja

Only collect the juice of fresh leaves bhringaraja should be done first, and then mix with Triphala churna and make a good form of pasta. Now apply this paste to the hair without problems, which helps make your hair pure white on black. Make sure this paste should do, whenever you need it. Never use the stored water.

3. White hair treatment with neem oil 

If you apply neem oil for hair continuously for about 2 months and used as nosily drops it can help your hair black. Neem oil is the oil known treatment for gray hair since ancient times.

4. White hair treatment with holy basil leaves

Takes 10 to 20 grams of holy basil leaves, dried currants as much, and make a good form of paste rubbing together on the floor. Now mix the paste with lemon juice. By applying this mixture over the white becomes black hair in a short space of time. This is a known ayurvedic treatment for white hair.

5. White hair treatment with cow butter

The application of the butter cow per day at night and rub the bottom of the feet with glass bronze with care is one of the traditional treatments for black dye white hair.

6. White hair treatment with abhyanga Nasya massage

Extracting oil "Sebastian plum" lentils using this oil abhyanga Nasya and helps dark hair. This is one of the very traditional Indian grass used for treating gray hair.

  • Nasya: The use of oil as nose drops.
  • Abhyanga: Full massage body oil. This is one of the most important tools in Ayurveda, which acts as a charger most powerful and rejuvenating the mind and body.

White Hair Treatment With Oil 

Take the same amount of "sage - leaves alangium" flowers, leaves bhringaraj, dhumpa kaluva, and add sesame seed oil to it twice. all these elements are now heated until it becomes a good oil mixture. Subsequently the oil filters with the aid of soft cloth.

The application of this oil to hair roots, gentle massage helps make white hair black hair natural. This is a well-known ayurvedic treatment for gray hair.


  1. please tell me is there any ready made treatment in the market which turn white hair into naturally black.

  2. These seem very good! Thanks so much! I’m a natural hair product junkie but after using just about everything in the book I’ve come to the conclusion that my hair reacts incredibly well to argan oil. Particularly Pro Naturals Moroccan Argan oil. Must be because it’s not greasy, has no silicones and it just smells great. I only need a bit after my shower and voila! I had to get it online from beyas.ca but it's really worth it.