How To Treat an Ear Infection & Ear Pain At Home?

What is Ear Pain? Discomfort in the ear due to the entry of any foreign body or other ear disorder is ear pain. These foreign particles can be water, microbes, filling of extra wax in-ear, chillness or allergy to some irritants.

If left untreated, severe ear pain can even lead to several major problems like hearing loss. It can also cause redness and swelling of the ear.

Ear pain can occur due to the rupturing of the eardrum which causes oozing of pus. There can be many other reasons which are mentioned in this article. Before it becomes a severe problem, solve it immediately by following these home remedies for ear pain.

Causes and Symptoms of Ear Pain

Surprisingly 50% of ear pain arises from areas other than ear. This is known as “referred pain”. Swallowing of cold ice cream can cause referred pain.

Referred ear pain can come from sinusitis, cervical spine disease, jaw joint, or tonsillitis. Thus the exact cause of ear discomfort cannot be easily detected.

Infection to any of the three different parts of the human ear can cause ear pain. The three different parts of the human ear are the inner ear, middle ear, and outer ear.

Otitis media that is a type of bacterial infection can cause ear pain in children. Many recent types of research have proved that bacteria are eventually becoming resistant to antibiotics. So it is rather waste to go for antibiotic treatment.

Swimming can be one of the major causes of ear pain because of the trapping of water in the ear canal. Excessive sweating can also cause otitis external that is ear pain due to trapping of water inside the ear.

This leads to the development of suitable growth conditions for many microbes like fungus and bacteria. This causes fungal ear infection. When infection crosses ear canal then serious ear problem can occur that is malignant otitis externa.

Inflammation of the inner ear due to the upper respiratory tract or middle ear infection can also cause ear pain. Due to the action of negative ear pressure cyst formation occur which erodes away the bone of the ear and ultimately leads to hearing loss.

Change in the atmospheric air pressure causes differences in the air pressure across the eardrum. This is also one of the earache causes.

Natural Home Remedies for Ear Pain

Some of the home remedies can easily tackle ear pain.

• Avoid both smoking and passive smoking.

• To two teaspoonful of sesame oil add half a clove of garlic. Warm it on a flame. Put 3 to 4 drops of this oil in your ears. Soon you will get relief from earache.

• Wear earplug while swimming.

• Gently blow your nose while cleaning it. Blow one nostril at a time.

• Avoid putting things into your ears such as fingers, cotton swabs, safety pins, etc. as they can easily damage your eardrum.

• Mix some ajwain oil with sesame oil and lukewarm this mixture. Put this oil mixture in your ears. This is one of the effective natural home remedies for ear pain.

• Whenever there is earache, give comfort to your ears by applying a warm washcloth or pad or apply ice bag for 15 to 20 minutes next to your ears.

• Chewing gum helps in preventing earache during a change in the atmospheric air.

• Grind some basil leaves and lukewarm it on the flame. Then cool it to a tolerable temperature. Put this to your affected ear to heal ear pain.

• Yawning opens your Eustachian tubes by contracting muscles. So, never avoid yawn.

• To save your ears from extreme low temperature and cold winds put some cotton earplugs.

• Introduce some castor leaves in warm sesame oil. Apply this oil around the ears to cure ear pain naturally.

• Extract some of the juice from the bark of the banana tree by making an incision with a knife. Lukewarm this juice and put a few drops of this juice before going to bed each night. This therapy works as a valuable ear pain home remedy.

• Steam shower softens earwax buildup.

• Tenderly warm the mango leaves and put them in the ears. This is also one of the sure-shot home remedies for ear pain.

• Warm some licorice in ghee. Grind it to get the paste. Apply this paste around the ears to get instant relief from earache.

• Burn a piece of Guggulu herb. Don’t burn it completely. Let the smoke of Guggulu herb enter into the ear. This is very effective both in-ear pain and also when pus oozes out.

• Put some chopped pieces of radish in some amount of mustard oil. Then take lukewarm put some drop of this oil in your ear whenever you suffer from earache for quick relief.

• Ginger juice is also very effective solution for getting rid of earache.

• Few drops of lukewarm mustard oil not only provide you relief from earache but also clean your ear very effectively. Adding some fenugreek seeds into this oil makes it far more effective.

• Few drops of onion juice are also very effective in reducing ear pain.

• A hard piece of bael root dipped into some neem oil. Heat this root which will extract some oil which is a very effective natural remedy as it contains both antiseptic and astringent properties.

Diet for Ear Pain

Diet is the most fundamental basis of not only reaching the goal of good health but also maintain it. Reduce the most common food allergens such as peanut, wheat, potato, and milk products.

Including zinc in your diet reduces ear infection. Diet must contain high Vitamin C, fresh fruits, and vegetables. Food must be rich in onion and garlic.

A long list of nutrients found in milk makes it highly recommendable to boost the body’s immune system. Highly processed food should be avoided. Follow these fundamentals and watch yourself and your family growing happier and healthier.