Camphor : Health Benefits, Uses & Precautions

Camphor (Kapur) is a type of wax obtained from the plant, it is widely used in hawan, aarti, and in all forms of Hindu worship all over India. According to Hindu traditional beliefs, if we use camphor in worship the gods and goddesses may get happy and give us blessings. 

The benefits of burning camphor in the house are that Camphor (Kapur) destroys all kinds of evil energies and enhances the positive energy flow of positivity in the place around it. 

Camphor has analgesic and antiseptic properties, which is why it is often used in creams, lotions, or ointments. It is obtained from the camphor tree, belonging to the Cinnamomum camphora species.

Although it is used for certain industrial processes, it can be easily found in any health food store or online shopping in the form of creams, essential oils, or lotions because of its health benefits. The essential oil of camphor has become famous for its use for the care of the body, especially when symptoms of diseases related to the respiratory system.

Some use it in aromatherapy, others put small doses on their clothes, there are also those who use it for skin infections. In short, there are multiple remedies offered by this Kapur oil. It is used as follows;

  • Bactericidal
  • Diuretic
  • Expectorant
  • Vermifuge
  • Stimulant

How is camphor essential oil extracted?

The pure essential oil of camphor is made from a distillation process which is characterized by extracting oil from the steam from various parts. Not all the oils that are on the market are 100% natural, it is important that when buying camphor essential oil make sure that it is made in certified places that offer the guarantee of a quality natural extract.

Uses of camphor essential oil

It is a fairly versatile oil that allows it to be applied in various treatments to give the body well-being, do you know what are the benefits of camphor? Let's see:

1. Strengthen the skin. Products that have camphor can relieve skin irritation and itching. This is believed to be due to its antibacterial and antifungal properties, which prevent infections.

2.Take care of the hair. Camphor can ease scalp irritation by reducing dandruff and itchiness problems. To take advantage of its properties, experts indicate that camphor tablets can be mix with oil to make the skin oil and massaged.

3. Reduce muscle pain. Different trials associated camphor with the ability to relieve muscle cramps, spasms, and stiffness.

4. Against arthritis. Its anti-inflammatory properties are not just limited to muscles. Different studies found that camphor could relieve joint pain and inflammation caused by arthritis.

5. Relieve congestion. Camphor was also found to be effective in relieving congestion, nighttime coughs, and thus difficulties sleeping. eye! You can apply it on the chest or feet, but never around the nostrils.

6. Boost immune system: Camphor essential oil protects the immune system. Perfect for fighting flu, common colds, fever, and cough. Its function lies in working as an antiviral since it is a type of oil that promotes internal heat.

7. Promotes circulation. Reduces pain in tired joints, joints, and back. Perfect for cases of rheumatism, rheumatic arthritis, tendonitis, cramps, and sprains. For this type of use, it is recommended to have completely clean skin so that the body absorbs all the components of the natural extract.

8. Skincare: The essential oil of camphor as an additional component in soaps, disinfectants, and deodorants works very well, as it refreshes and leaves a partially minty appearance on the skin. It is also used to counteract athlete's foot odors. For skin with acne, pimples, blackheads, or oily skin. Above all, it can be used on the popular T-zone of the face.

How to use camphor essential oil

This type of oil is for external use, which is why it is recommended for use in diffusers, scent dispensers, and directly as oil. Avoid ingesting it, and if you apply it to your body, remember to always dilute it in a little water or other types of vegetable oils.

Ideal blends with camphor essential oil

When it comes to permanent odors, this type of oil is neutral, however, here we will leave a list of other essential oils that, when mixed with camphor, will repower their effects and fresh smell.

  • To neutralize houses: It generates harmonic energy when mixing camphor with myrrh.
  • lasting perfume or deodorant: It serves to have a more lasting perfume atmosphere when mixing the essential oil of camphor with pine, lemon, or orange.

Note: It is extremely important not to confuse camphor oil with its essential oil. While the second is used to alleviate different ailments, the first can be toxic. In addition, experts recommend not exceeding concentrations of 11% in its derived products.