What Are Good Habits For Good Health?

Changing some of your daily habits can mean the difference between being in good health and getting sick. Many times we often forget to take care of our health due to busy life. We realize this when we are sick.

But, it is important to have good health to lead a happy and joyful life. Being healthy means that our body functions normally and nothing is unbalanced. Being healthy also means having a balanced mind and body.

Healthy habits, in large part, determine your good health. And when we refer to habits, we are talking about exactly what we do every day in the life, sleeping, eating, staying hydrated, exercising, bathing, sunbathing ourselves. save, etc.

If we make these habits and lifestyle changes, it will surely help us to live a long and healthy life. Let's take a look at six important habits for good health:

1. Wash your hands

Doctore advise that it is ideal to wash hands with soap and water, approx about15 seconds. Several studies have shown that washing your hands with soap and water removes more than 90% of the germs that cause infections and that can impair your good health. 

Always wash your hands after using the bathroom, when touching someone who is sick, and when cooking. Remember to wash hand when you touch unwashed vegetables or raw meat.

2. Stay hydrated

Doctors generally advise drinking about eight glasses of water a day. It is now known that it is not necessary to drink eight, but drink liquids with meals and whenever you feel thirsty. 

Drink more if you exercise or it's very hot. The only ones who cannot depend on thirst to drink water are young children and the elderly because the thirst mechanism does not work well in them and they have to remember to drink. 

As we know our body is made of water and it needs this liquid and other sources of liquid-like soup, fruits, tea, vegetables, etc. Remember that liquid is the best way to remain hydrated.

3. Exercise

Ideally, 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise (or more) for about 5 days or more is a must to remain healthy and fit. But as we are generally in a hurry for our day-to-day routine and find it difficult to do so, at least do work out for about 17 minutes a day, this equals two hours a week. 

And you don't even have to do it in a row! You can divide it into segments. And the benefits are endless: healthy heart, proper weight, toned muscles, being in a great mood, etc.

4. Use sunscreen cream

Use sunscreen daily, it doesn't matter if it's cloudy. Protecting your skin from UV rays will prevent skin lesions, including cancer. The ideal is sunscreen with a minimum protection factor of 15 SPF.

5. Eat fruits and vegetables

Health experts generally suggest eating about nine servings of vegetables and fruits and day. But due to busy life, we are unable to do so.

So manage to eat five servings of fruits and vegetables a day so that you will save yourself from multiple visits to the doctor. A study conducted at Harvard University says that this amount supplies the antioxidants and fiber necessary to reduce heart disease.

Besides this, it also helps to maintain a healthy weight (Take one serving is about half a fruit, or half a cup of fruits, or half a cup of vegetables).

6. Get enough sleep

If you are one of those who always sleep between 7 and 8 hours a day, you are on the right track. Recent studies indicate that those who have trouble sleeping or sleep less than 7 hours are increasing their risk of hypertension, heart disease, and even diabetes. So it is necessary to get enough sleep so that our body gets time to recharge and its energies to have good health.

So it is concluded that having good health and maintaining it depends on you and your habits. So it is better safe by changing habits and use these tips to put them into practice!