10 Uses and Benefits Of The (Fitkari) Alum Stone

When we say the word "alum", it reminds us of its use for shaving. But, it also has other wonderful uses. Although there are many types of alum, potassium alum that is commonly used for domestic purposes.

Alum has been used since ancient times for its many uses and is sold either as fine powder or in blocks. It is also known as shaving alum in stores. 

For home remedies, you can use mortar until you get a fine powder if you have an alum block.  Alum is used throughout the world for shaving and purifying water, being an important ingredient for campers, in case they do not find purified water.

Also, alum is used for oral aphtha, treatment of cracked heels, and even bad breath. Alum is very cheap, so try to have a block to treat a variety of conditions at home.

10 Uses and Benefits of the Alum Stone

1. Alum for canker sores:

 Usually, for canker sores, you can use powdered alum and then press directly on the canker sore. It stings a little, but the next day, usually canker sores disappear. 

But many may not like using alum powder as such and young children will find it difficult to withstand the irritation caused by alum dust. This mouthwash made of homemade alum is a good remedy for canker sores. 

To make the rinse, mash a little alum to make powder in a mortar. Boil water in a saucepan with a little salt, once the salt has dissolved, remove it from the heat and add the alum powder. 

Once the alum has dissolved, strain and use as a mouthwash at least 2 to 3 times a day. Salt is also very effective in the treatment of canker sores and this mouthwash can be used safely. 

If you are using alum powder directly, be sure not to swallow it while applying to the canker sore and use only a little.

2. Alum for abscess of the eye:

Alum is wonderful for the treatment of eye abscesses and styes. For the treatment of abscesses, rub alum on a sandalwood stone with a little water. 

You have to rub it very well to get a paste, since it does not turn easily. This paste is very effective, although initially itch when applied. However, the style improves on the same day it is applied, relieving its discomfort. This stone can be stored for years.

3. Alum for cracked heels:

Alum powder is beneficial in the treatment of cracked heels. For this remedy, warm alum is heated in an empty small pot. When we heat the alum, it becomes liquid and makes foams. 

Once the water evaporates, we are left with a lumpy mixture. Once it cools, it is powdered and mixed with coconut oil and applied to the feet. 

The mixture must be ground without problems; otherwise, it will be difficult to apply it on the heels. This remedy provides a surprising relief if applied regularly for a while.

4. Alum for shaving:

Alum has been used as a post-shave treatment for centuries. Once you start using alum, you will not need expensive after-shave products. 

You may not like it the first time, but if you continue to use it, you will find skin improvement. To use after shaving, rub a block of alum on the damp face for a few seconds, you can rinse it or leave it on the skin.

5. Alum to purify water: 

Alum is used for water treatment. To purify the water, add approximately 1 g of alum powder per liter of water. 

You will find the particles settling down, leaving you with clear water. The next time you go camping, bring a small block of alum with you.

6. Alum as a deodorant:

Alum is wonderful as a deodorant, due to its antiseptic and antibacterial properties. For deodorant, use alum powder with a little myrrh, or you could just dip a block of alum and use it. However, it is advisable to use it every two days instead of every day.

7. Alum for hair removal:

The alum can be used effectively for the removal of unwanted hair. A mixture of alum powder and water or better still rose water can be applied throughout the body. This paste tends to retard the growth of body hair over time.

8. Alum for wrinkles:

Alum can be used effectively for wrinkles. Take a piece of alum and wet it. Rub on the damp face for a few seconds. Alum tends to tighten the skin. Wash your face with water and apply moisturizer.

9. Alum for pimples:

Alum can be used effectively for the treatment of grains. A facial mask with egg whites, powdered alum and fuller's earth is very effective in the treatment of acne.

10. Alum for the treatment of lice: 

Alum can be used effectively to get rid of lice. To make a treatment for lice, mix powdered alum with water and a little tea tree oil. This mixture when applied to the scalp for some time helping to eliminate lice.