15 Health Benefits of Gorakhmundi (Sphaeranthus indicus) Churna/Tree/Ark

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Gorakhmundi is also known as "Mundi" in Hindi, it is a flowering plant of the genus Sphaeranthus. In Sanskrit, it is recognized by many names like “Tapaswini”, “Mahamundi Aruna”, “Nilak Dambika”, etc.  Scientifically Gorakhmundi is called as Sphaeranthus indicus Linn. and in English, it is known as "East Indian globe thistle." Gorakhmundi is an aromatic herb that is found throughout India, but in southern India, it is found in abundant. 

Gorakhmundi generally starts growing at the end of rainy seasons and in the winter season, it takes flowers and fruits. It can also be found in unused dry paddy fields in summers. Gorakhmundi is an herb that has numbers of medicinal properties. 

It had been an important herb that has been used to treat many diseases in Ayurveda and Unani medicine system. The whole parts of plant Mundi such as roots, flowers and leaves is beneficial for many diseases. 

It is traditionally used for TB, indigestion, madness, chest burning, vomiting, diarrhea, asthma, epilepsy, leprosy, helminthiasis, stomach insects, fever, hernia, poison disorders, diabetes, etc.

Common (Indian) Names

•  Sanskrit: mahamundi, mundi, hapus,
•  Hindi, Bengali, Marathi & Gujerati: mundi, gorkhmundi,
•  Telugu: boddatarupa, boddasoramu
•  Tamil: kottak aranthai
•  Malyali: mirangani
•  Riya: murisa, bokashungi
•  Punjabi: ghundi, khamadrus
•  Santal: belaunja
•  Undari: mundi

Medicinal uses of Gorakhmundi in Ayurveda

According to Ayurveda, all parts through the plant have medicinal properties. They are used in vitiated conditions of jaundice, hemicranias, cough, leucoderma, hepatopathy, hernia, gastropathy, urinary discharges, indigestion, helminthiasis, asthma, looseness of the breasts, dysentery, hemorrhoids, spleen diseases, pain over the uterus and vagina, pain in the rectum, vomiting, skin diseases and dyspepsia. 

The external application Gorakhmundi plant pastes are used in treating edema, pruritus, filariasis, arthritis, gout and cervical adenopathy. In Unani medicine system, Gorakhmundi is used as a  laxative, tonic, emmenagogue, to increases the appetite, lessens inflammation, enriches the blood,  cools the brain, for luster to the eye, jaundice, for sore eyes, gleets, scalding of urine, boils, biliousness, ringworm, scabies, etc.

Ayurveda Properties

•  Rasa: Tikta, katu, madhura.
•  Guna: Laghu, Ruksha.
•  Virya: Ushna.
•  Vipaka: Madhua.
•  Doshas: It balances all the three doshas (Vata, Pitta and Kapha dosha).

Useful Parts:

•  Root
•  Bark
•  leaves
•  Flowers
•  Seeds
•  Decoction

Dosage: 1 teaspoonful (3 to 6 g) per day, with plain water, after meals.

Health Benefits and Uses of Gorakhmundi 

1. Gallstones: Gorakhmundi is a very beneficial remedy for uterine, other diseases related to the vagina, also in the absence of stones and gallstones.

2. Eyes: Gorakhmundi is used as the tribal folk remedy for various disorders of ENT (Ear, Nose & Throat Disorders) and ophthalmology. Consumption over a period of time can boost's eyesight. Take 3-4 fresh flowers of Gorakhmundi and pond it with a two teaspoon of sesame oil. Regular consumption will help to make your eyesight better and also free from red eyes.

3. Naru Disease (Guinea Worm Disease): Grind the leaves of Gorakhmundi and plaster at the infected area (Naru disease) you will find relief and diseases will go within few days according to condition. Naru disease is also named as Bala Disease; this disease is generally caused by drinking dirty water.

4. Vata disease: Mix Gorakhmundi powder, ghee, honey and take it in the morning and evening you will find relief in disease related to vata. You can also take powder of Gorakhmundi and Saunth with equal quantity in hot water to removes the pain of common vata.

5. Leprosy: If you have leprosy take the powder of Gorakhmundi, powder of neem bark and prepare the decoction, take this decoction in the morning and evening to cure leprosy.

6. Gonorrhea: Consuming the powder of Gorakhmundi very beneficial for discharge (gonorrhea) and related metallurgical disease related diseases.

7. Boils or itching: Gorakhmundi is helpful to woman having pain in the vagina, itching or boils, grind the seeds of Gorakhmundi take in equal quantity with sugar and consume once in a day with cold water.

8. Sexual power: Consume leaves of Gorakhmundi and its roots with cow's milk at night it can increases sexual power. Regular use of powder can make them stronger.

9. Hemorrhoids: Consume Gorakhmundi powder with honey or whey. You will find relief within few weeks in hemorrhoids.

10. Piles: Take the stem and root of Gorakhmundi, dry it and make a powder. Consume one spoon of powder with whey every day, the piles ends completely.

11. Intestinal Parasite Infection: The root of Gorakhmundi is also useful in the stomach insects, it provides definite benefits.

12. Syphilis: Dry Gorakhmundi plant and grind it, add little water in powder and apply on the affected part once a day.

13. Bad Breath: Take a powder of Gorakhmundi with Vinegar, have one pinch in the morning and one pinch in evening.

14. Scabies: Take 2 to 3 gram powder of Gorakhmundi powder with lukewarm water twice a day. The other way is drink 1/4 glass juice of Gorakhmundi twice a day.

15. Ascaris: Take half tsp of powdered root of Gorakhmundi once a day. It will help in the elimination of intestinal worms.

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