bleeding from nose

Ayurvedic Medicine treatment for Bleeding Nose

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"Epistaxis" is the medical term for nosebleed.

Causes For  Bleeding Nose
The most common cause of epistaxis in the young do not know if it is not the result of the collection of the nose or injury. In the summer of these episodes occur more frequently in younger people. In elderly patients, high blood pressure may rarely cause epistaxis, especially if the diastolic pressure over 110 mm / Hg. High exposure to heat sources such as solar or heat also leads to bleeding.

The herbal medicines For  Bleeding Nose
1.The patient should wash your face and head with cold water.
2.Ice packs should be applied from the outside of the nose.
3. Do not sneeze or put any strain on the nose, which aggravates bleeding.
4.If B.P. is high, antihypertensive drugs should be taken under medical advice.
5.The juice of the flower of the pomegranate to be used for deep inhalation.
6.The grass juice durva 5 to 10 drops in each nostril provides immediate relief.