Ayurvedic Medicine For Dry Skin

Ayurveda the traditional medicine of India mainly consists of herbs, fruits and spices. Ayurveda generally revolves around self to make a designed lifestyle to prevent disease. Even thou India is rapidly changing everyday in the way of life. They prefer Ayurveda in daily life.

Ayurveda also defined as "the science of life in which health is defined as an active state of wellness. In other words, you are not only free from the disease, but are able to live life to the fullest. Ayurveda is about wellness through adjustments in diet, daily routine and environment necessary for their age, stress level and lifestyle.

The basic theory of Ayurveda is based upon the five elements - spirit, air, earth, wind and fire. It believes that everything in the material universe is a combination of these elements. The proportions may vary in each of us and determine to our spiritual constitution, mental and physical. The skin that is dried and tight is "prevailing air," and dried skin treatment consisting of diet, skin protection, and proper lifestyle to your skin type.

Here are some important things that are recommended: 

1.Cook with olive oil or clarified butter.

2. The healthiest foods that are to be taken are rice, oats and buckwheat, moong Dal, lentils, asparagus, zucchini, applesauce and pears (for breakfast), fresh seasonal fruits, nuts and soaked almonds, soaked and shutouts.

3. The spices recommended as the treatment of dry skin are turmeric, cumin, coriander and fennel in a ratio of 2/3/6/6. The spice mixture is fried in clarified butter and added after the food during or after cooking.

Lifestyle Recommended 

The proposed lifestyle includes going to bed early, walking for 20 minutes on the morning, take regular breaks during work, and deep breathing.

Home remedies for Dry skin

The Oil Therapy: Rubs down in some olive oil/ almond or coconut oil gently on the hands, legs and the rest of your body before heading to a shower. Heat the oil and then apply for the best result.

Cream: Cream is a good moisturizer. Mix a few drops of lemon juice, a teaspoon of milk and two teaspoons of milk cream and massage into hands and legs. Leave on for a while before going for a shower. Within few days, you will see the difference.

Cottage Cheese Curd: Curd is an excellent hydrant of the skin, and its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory help to soothe dry, itchy skin. Apply curd as it is, or mixed it with a little honey and a squeeze of lemon. Leave on for at least 10 minutes before you wash it off. It is sure to do wonders for your skin.

Honey: Honey helps maintain moisture it has antioxidant and anti-microbial properties. This is the reason why it a coveted ingredient in many skin-care products. Why spend money on them, when you can buy a bottle of honey (which is cheaper) and use it to treat dry skin? It is very simple to use, lightly heat two teaspoons of any honey applied it to the skin (face, hands, and legs) hot. Leave on for 15 minutes and then wash. That’s all nothing better than your skin can ask for.

Aloe Vera: If you do not have an aloe plants at home no worry at all. It can be, found in your surrounding or go to the nearest nursery and get one. Aloe is very good against the skin! After the bath, cut a piece of aloe, squeeze all the gel and apply on the face, hands or legs. This not only will hydrate the skin but also from a protective layer that keeps the dirt from entering your pores.


  1. Ayurvedic skin care products always helps you to make your skin glowing and healthy.Its really good for us.

  2. the wipes are very useful while you are traveling. A wet wipe can make you feel fresh apart from cleansing your face and hands. They also moisturize and don’t make the face dry.

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Ayurveda is a form of medication, which started in ancient civilizations dating back almost 5000 years. Ayurveda medication includes the combination of different natural ingredients such as natural herbs for health care. It also includes the combination of various natural ingredients with a healthy diet plan that can cure various disease conditions of the body. It is true that the system of healing takes time, but it can deliver lots of benefits rather than other forms of meditation, comprising modern medicines. The herbal supplements will not cause any kind of side effects to the person, and the management is practiced by specific principles that can be advantageous to the body.

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