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Ayurvedic Medicine For Nerve Pain

What Is Nerve Pain?

Nerve Pain is discomforting movements; it is a non specific condition that can be resulted in by a wide variety of reasons. Nerve pain is also recognized as neuropathic pain in medicinal terms. It is unlike from so-called 'normal' pain and often resistant to the usual pain relievers, but therapies are available. Nerve Pain depends on several reasons that give the increase to the pain, such as pains can be accompanied by buzzing or burning sensation and an overall discomfort that is difficult to explain.

What Is The Difference Between Normal Pain and Nerve Pain?

Normal pain is termed as 'nociceptive pain', and nerve pain is called “neuropathic pain." It's essential to identify the distinction between nociceptive and neuropathic pain to get their relevant treatments.

Normal pain

Nociceptive or normal pain is a physique that can arrive from bruises, bumps, fractures, sprains, inflammation (e.g. from arthritis or an infection), obstructions etc. Nociceptive achiness tended to get to improve once the tissue injure gets better (except in encase of circumstances such as arthritis). It tends to react well to treatment with opoids that are known as 'narcotic' pain substitutes such as morphine, oxycodone, coedine, hydrocodone.

Nerve Pain

Neuropathic or nerve pain is resulted in by an unusual function of the nerves. Nerves transmit communications from one part from the body to another. When you feel nerve pain, there is an overload of messages. The misshapen messages are display by the brain as pain. Imagine a light bulb when the electrical connection to a light bulb is faulty - the bulb will flash on and off.

The first step towards the elimination of Nerve Pain is the identification of the cause of the pain. Accordingly, conventional medicines and natural home remedies for Nerve Pain can be used to cure Nerve Pain

Nowadays, apart from herbal cures, Nerve Pain home remedies also emphasis on alternative therapies including meditation, acupuncture, aromatherapy and other similar natural treatments. Sciatic Nerve Pain is one of the most frustrating Nerve Pains that is mostly caused due to disc herniation or Piriformis Syndrome.

Causes And Symptoms Of Nerve Pain

Nerve Pain is usually caused by nerve degeneration, compression, inflammation, injuries and other similar reasons. Conditions like chronic renal insufficiency, diabetes, carpal tunnel syndrome, chemical irritations, radiation treatment, peripheral nerve injury, spinal stenosis, tumors and use of certain drugs may also cause the same.

Besides this Nerve Pain may also caused due to diseases such as Lyme disease, Shingles, Hepatitis C, HIV, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis, Irritable Bowel Syndrome and other related infectious and autoimmune diseases.

Lead ingestion and deficiency of vitamin B1, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, zinc etc can also contribute in causing this type of pain.

Symptoms of Nerve Pain may vary with the type of nerves affected. The pain can be characterized by numbness, burning, buzzing or pricking sensations. Burning pain is generally associated with Neuritis. Nerve Pain in nerves gives rise to symptoms of muscle atrophy, twitching and even paralysis.

Autonomic nerve damage cause light headedness, inability to sense angina, abnormal excessive sweating, bladder dysfunction etc. On the other hand, sensory nerve damage leads to problems with positional awareness in addition to pain and sensitivity.

Natural Home Remedies for Nerve Pain

Hot Shower Bath: Taking the long hot water bath or shower is one of the simplest Nerve Pain home remedies that can help to ease Nerve Pain by improving circulation in the body.

Herbal Remedy: Herbs like chamomile, horseradish, celery, elderberry etc can be taken in the form of tea or used as compresses or poultices to soothe Nerve Pains.

Garlic Milk: Having garlic milk is one of the most popular natural remedies for Nerve Pain cure. Prepare this remedy by cooking two crushed raw garlic cloves in about half a cup of milk and drink this milk to reduce Sciatica Nerve Pain it will be effective over a period of time.

Celery Juice: Celery is one of the most effective natural home remedies for Nerve Pain treatment. Drinking half a cup of celery juice mixed with some carrot juice it will help to cure Nerve Pain. Similarly, daily having a combination of celery juice with potato juice is also useful in relieving Nerve Pain caused by Sciatica.

Elderberry juice: Regular consumption of elderberry juice helps to relax the muscles and hence serves as a good Nerve Pain natural remedy.

Soy Milk With Honey: Daily, having a cup of soy milk mixed with honey acts as a valuable home remedy to get rid of Nerve Pain caused by nutritional deficiencies.

Massaging: Massaging therapy also works great in Nerve Pains. Massage the painful area with Aloe Vera gel. The other way is take a mixture of one tablespoon warm mustard oil and crushed garlic; it is highly beneficial in reducing Nerve Pains to a great extent.

Note: Herbal oils of peppermint, rosemary, lavender, clove, eucalyptus, winter green etc can also be used for this purpose.

Cinnamon and Honey: Apply a paste prepared from cinnamon and honey on an effected area and wash it off after a few minutes to relieve Nerve Pain caused by pinched nerves.

Diet For Nerve Pain

Apart from home remedies for Nerve Pain, Nerve Pain home treatment also consists of proper dietary measures focusing on a healthy rich diet and a variety of essential vitamins and nutrients.

Vitamins: Vitamins can be beneficial for overall health of the body. Consuming vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, vitamin D, zinc and magnesium are highly beneficial in facilitating the process of healing Nerve Pain.

Vegetables and Fruits: You may positively include garlic, spinach, green peas, soybeans, pinto beans, bananas, parsley, sprouts, whole grains, milk, yogurt and other such nutritious foods in the diet to deal with Nerve Pain at home. In addition regularly drink vegetable juices extracted from carrots, beetroots and consume celery.

Exercise: Moreover, regularly engage in adequate amount of physical exercise to avoid further Nerve Pain related complications. In addition, take rest and avoid lifting heavy objects, especially in case of Sciatica Nerve Pain.

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