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Home Remedies For Arthritis Pain In The Knee

Besides the Arthritis treatment options available out there, you can also use some home remedies for Arthritis pain in the knee. The cure also lies in the preventive measures, the dos and don’ts that have to be followed.

Knee Arthritis

An inflammation arising in the knee joints progressing with age is Arthritis. The whole protective cartilage gets worn out and bare bone is exposed within the joint. Basically there are two types of Arthritis that can affect the knees.

OsteoArthritis: – most common form of Arthritis mainly affecting the knee joints. The whole process is a slow process where the joint cartilage gradually wears away.

Rheumatoid Arthritis: – inflammatory and destroys the joint cartilage. Both the knees are affected here.

The major reasons that increase the risk rate of knee Arthritis are:

    • Genetics (Hereditary)
    • Age
    • Weight
    • Previous injury
    • Occupational Hazards
    • Some high level sports
    • Illness or Infection
    • Crystal deposits
    • Weakness of the hamstrings

Symptoms: Understanding the root cause of knee Arthritis may be complicated but if you notice any these symptoms then you might be suffering from the ailment:

    • Morning pain- when the pain arises in knee after the first walk of the morning.

    • Pain inside the knee

    • Inflammation of the joint

    • Stiffness in the joint that gradually decreases with movement

    • Popping or Crunching sound comes with the movement of the joint.

    • Swelling in the knee

    • Locking of the knee

    • Knee deformity

    • Limited range of motion

    • Tenderness along the joint

    • A feeling that the joint may “give out”

Natural Home Remedies for Arthritis Pain in the Knee

If you have been facing problem with the knees due to Arthritis, here are several home remedies which can be of great use to you.

1. The most successful biological treatment for knee Arthritis is drinking raw potato juice empty stomach early morning.

2. The juice of any green leafy vegetable, carrot, celery and red beetroot can work wonders.

3.Copper strengthens the muscular system, drinking a glass of water kept in a copper vessel overnight is one of the most effective remedy in treating Arthritis pain in the knee.

4. Herbal tea prepared from the seeds of alfalfa shows beneficial results in healing this disease.

5. Garlic has also been found to be one of the most valuable natural home remedies for Arthritis pain in the knee.

6. Bananas, a rich source of vitamin B6 show good results in case of Arthritis in knee.

7. A planned diet should be given to the knee Arthritis patient; it should include fruits and vegetables in the form of salads.

8.Massage the itching and stiffed joint with warm coconut oil or mustard oil together with 2-4 tablets of camphor mixed in it, daily to get proven results.

9. A glass of lime juice daily can be given to the patient as it acts as a solvent of uric acid (primary cause of Arthritis).

10. Studies have shown that green gram soup can help reduce Arthritis pain in the knee.

11. Another natural home remedy useful in relieving Arthritis knee pain is including more calcium in your diet.

12. Hot fomentation is regarded as a good solution for Arthritis pain in the knee.

13. Consumption of half inch slice of ginger amazingly reduces knee pain caused by Arthritis.

14. One may also take turmeric with a glass of milk to get relief from the pain.

15. Intake of half teaspoon cinnamon powder with 1 tablespoon honey should be taken every day as this is one of the well known and effective natural home remedies for Arthritis pain in the knee.


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